Rent All Three Cabins!

We cannot guarantee that if you rent one cabin that you will have the place all to yourself, especially in the summer (because I am there).  If you truly want to be alone, your best bet would be to rent all three cabins.  Take your family!  The Eagle’s Nest sleeps 2, the Sea Otter sleeps 3, the Whale Cabin sleeps 4 (but has room for sleeping bags and there is also loft with a single mattress), so together that equals 9 beds.  If you put a tent on the deck of the Eagle’s nest you would have even more room.  To rent all three cabins is $245, and that is still 30% cheaper than renting each cabin individually!  The first 6 guests are included in the price, but each guest over 6 is an additional $25. Go for it!  Book now!

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