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For people wanting a hunting camp, for whale watchers, for kayakers, for halibut fisher people, for seclusion seekers, for church retreats, or exotic weddings – Whale Island Cabins is your refuge.

Whale Island Cabins sit on 3.5 acres of pristine island beachfront property on a protected cove 20 minutes from Kodiak. Whale Island is 17 square miles of both private and native owned property with few full-time residents, no shops, and no roads.

The property consists of a 10×12 foot cabin, a 12×16 elevated treehouse, and a 16×26 cabin near the beach. In all three cabins, one can hear the sounds of whales as they migrate past the island. There is a new outhouse, a rainwater cistern, and 2 generators. There is a small boat for fishing, an ATV, and 2 kayaks.
Guests can fly on Alaska Airlines from Anchorage to Kodiak Island, Kodiak City. There are roads, beaches, hotels, and shops to be found there. From Kodiak, passage to the island can be booked with any float service with availability.  One possibility is Island Air Service.  Another is Vertigo Air Taxi.  Their number is 907-512-2030.    Both airlines will put you right on the beach.
Halibut fishing charters can be booked with Aleut Dance Charters. Guests can be picked up by the charter boat on our beach.   There is fishing gear on the island for fishing in the cove.  There is a row boat and a monark for use in close proximity of the cove.
One more option for getting to the islands is to charter a fishing trip directly from Kodiak with Salmoncrazy Adventures.  Jeff will drop you off on the beach after a day of fishing.(907) 942-2506.
If you want a guided bear hunt, I will be adding information to this page for all inclusive hunting trips. Bears are common in Kodiak, but Whale Island is so small that they are infrequently seen here.
I am happy to make arrangements for you and to meet large groups to be your hostess.  In the summer I am also happy to offer to provide all meals during your stay.  Check out our Facebook page or  email us.
My name/number is Kat Geuea (pronounced Gowee) 443-643-6365.
Please do not hesitate to ask for more information.

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