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For people wanting a hunting camp, for whale watchers, for kayakers, for halibut fisher people, for seclusion seekers, for church retreats, or exotic weddings – Whale Island Cabins is your refuge.

What size cabins do you have?

Whale Island Cabins sit on 3.5 acres of pristine island beachfront property on a protected cove 20 minutes from the town of Kodiak, in the Kodiak archipelago. Whale Island is 17 square miles of both private and Native-owned property with few full-time residents, no shops, and no roads.

The property consists of a 10×12 foot cabin, a 12×16 elevated treehouse, and a 16×26 cabin near the beach.  In all three cabins, one can hear the waves and the sounds of whales when they migrate into the cove or past the island.  There is a new outhouse, a rustic shower, a rainwater cistern, and a generator.  There is an ATV to move your gear from the beach and there are 2 kayaks.

How do I get to Whale Island?

Guests can fly on Alaska Airlines from Anchorage to the town of Kodiak.  There are roads, beaches, stores, hotels, and other sightseeing opportunities there. From Kodiak, passage to the island can be booked with any float service with availability.  One possibility is Island Air, but any charter airline will let you off right on the beach. Some of the charter companies will even let you add a bear viewing excursion onto your flight without breaking the bank.

Instead of flying, guests can get to the island and go fishing at the same time! One can book a fishing charter out of Kodiak, fish all day and then get dropped off on the island afterwards. Many of the captains will take your catch back with them and leave it somewhere to be processed for you to pick up or mail when you come back. One of these captains is Jeff at Salmoncrazy Adventures.  His number is 907-942-2506. Another captain is Mike at 907-350-7319.  He offers a flat rate for transportation up to four people from Anton Larsen Bay.  If you also want to fish, Mike has different rates that include transportation to the island and trolling for salmon. Captain Dave at Fish and Chips Charters (907) 539-6135 will take you fishing and drop you off if you come while I am hosting the cabins.  Or, you can try a charter with Mel at 907-539-6474 Kodiak Island Adventures. If you have a large party with a lot of gear, a good option is Kodiak Water Taxi and Transport at 907-942-4966.

Another option is to take a taxi to Anton Larsen Bay (it is only 11 miles, but feels like 30) and meet a Port Lions captain at the dock there.  Again, they will offer fishing and transportation to the island.

Finally, you can do a whale watching tour on your way out to the island.  Call or click to talk to Stephen at Kodiak Scenic Tours 907-654-9653.

Are there bears on Whale Island?

If you want a guided bear hunt, I will be adding information to this page for all inclusive bear hunting trips.  Until then, look at the Alaska Fish and Game website to find out information about Kodiak Brown Bear hunting. Bears are common in Kodiak, but Whale Island is so small that they are infrequently seen here.

What are people saying about Whale Island?

Please check out some of our testimonials on the menu tab.

Is there a price break for renting all three cabins?

Yes!  See the menu tabs for information about renting all three cabins.  I am happy to make arrangements for you and to meet large groups and be your hostess.  In the summer I am also happy to offer meals during your stay.  Check out our Facebook page or email us.

My name/number is Kat Geuea (pronounced Gowee) 443-643-6365.
Please do not hesitate to ask for more information.