Whale Island Bounty

Devil’s Club around a nearby pond

Last summer I experimented with turning the prickly, Dr. Seuss like devil’s club plant found on Whale Island into a soothing balm. I did research to discover what ingredients to order and then by trial and error, I created a recipe. The resulting product went over beautifully with family and friends who wanted to try it. Most of the users suffered from some joint pain or mild arthritis, and all reported almost instantaneous relief with my balm. I have seen on other similar commercial products that devil’s club is also good for chapped lips, fibromyalgia, deep tissue pain, eczema, and mild cuts and abrasions.

Has been wonderful on my knees and back! Have been using it since I had my daughter and honestly does so much better than any pain killer, and it smells pleasant unlike store bought products! Thank you so much for it!


I harvest the tender, green inner bark of the thorny plant and infuse it with extra virgin olive oil, vitamin E oil, and beeswax. I can only make this magic stuff when I am at Whale Island in the summer, so be sure to make your intent to order clear to me before I get there. I plan to make two ounce tins for $20 and four ounce tins for $35. They will be either lavender scented or the natural green scent of the plant itself. You can click the link to the Whale Island Facebook page to communicate with me until I figure out how to add a payment option to this website.

That stuff is seriously so amazing! You got us hooked with our aging knees. lol. It has also helped the pain from carpal tunnel in my hands from years of typing.


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