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Summer Calendar filling up!

Me and my little chicken halibut last summer.

HI! I am getting so excited about the summer coming up! This has been a long winter in Interior Alaska. My husband called it a Rasputin winter… It just won’t die!

I will be heading to the island sometime in June to be your hostess with the mostest! I will be leaving the island for guests who have booked the entire property, but for the most part, I will be there. Rather than sending a booking inquiry during the summer, send me a text to the island phone. That number is 907-987-4982, but I cannot check those messages when I am not on the island. So, for now, reach out on social media or fill out the contact form.

Whale Island is so perfect. If you haven’t already decided, then do! Come! You won’t regret it.

Much Needed Website Update!

I apologize! I have been working on a master’s in Online Innovation and Design for the past two years and have had little time to update this website! I do have new photos and videos to share! Our facebook page is completely current, so please check out Whale Island Cabins there.

I was only on the island for 2 weeks this summer [COVID killed our bookings], but we took some fun new videos! I filmed the utility shed, to show how to find all the supplies you need when on the island alone. I also filmed the generator shed, so you could see how to start it. And, I filmed the wonderful Eagle’s Nest Cabin (treehouse). We also built a temporary shower (until we finish our bathhouse and sauna in 2022). Check out our YouTube channel for other fun videos. All of the videos in the story are on our YouTube channel.

Beachcombing Heaven!

The first negative tide of the summer is on June 11.  I can hardly wait to get out there and look for sand dollars with my sweetheart and my dogs.  We walk the sandy cove while my labs chase waves.  These are big fish days!!  You have to look at a tide chart to see when the big fish and the little fish days are…

I am looking for hunting guides and fishing charter captains who do not already have a lodge they use for their clients.  It is so nice to have hunting/fishing charters show up at the cove to pick up my guests!  I went out with Aleut Dance Charters last summer.  Ivan Lukin from Port Lions  is a great fishing boat captain and I was thrilled to be able to pass along some business to him.

Doesn’t some halibut sound awesome just about now?  Cooked on marshmallow skewers over a camp fire?  With a bowl of melted butter sitting down next to the flames?  A couple of our guests from last summer turned us on to this trick.  My mouth is watering now…

I am planning to arrive at the cabins on May 30 for the summer.  I will probably go home for a week at the end of June, but that may be subject to change.  If anyone wants a ride from the Anchorage Airport to Homer to catch the ferry, contact me about the dates I plan to be passing through on the way to the island.

I hope to see you soon!


These Little Guys are Waiting for You!

I am so excited about the passage of time right now, but May 21st it can slow right down!  Whale Island is calling me!

I have added an option on AirBnB to where guests can book the whole property instead of just one cabin.  If you want to have complete privacy, choose this option.  Otherwise, I cannot promise that the other cabins will not also be booked.

If you want to add a fishing charter to your trip, be sure to check availability  with Ivan at Aleut Dance Charters.

If you want a hosted stay, I think I will be there between May 27-June 16 and July 1-22.  However, those dates are still flexible at this point.  Let me know what works for you.


Winter Solace

This photo of my husband and son was taken last March at the lake on the back of the property.  While the weather getting to the island can be pretty dicey during the winter, peace reigns once there.

I’m sitting in my classroom relaxing for a few minutes during my lunch (1/2)  hour and I got a booking inquiry from AirBnB; someone in Kodiak is interested in an anniversary getaway.  This time of year the weather is cool (40s), but the wood-stove will keep you toasty warm.  A secluded island, long walks on the beach, wood-stove, oil lamps… How romantic is that!  Doesn’t that sound awesome?  It sure does to me.  I miss the peace and quiet there.

A Place of Refuge

Last fall a guest went to the island with friends to hunt.  This summer we had a young couple come out to the island for an extended weekend.  They were outdoorsy people who spent their time fishing or kayaking.  We had another couple come out for a week who spent their time fishing, hiking and beachcombing.  When I wasn’t working on the cabins, I wrote, read both novels and the Bible, listened to music, and did lots of praying.

Whale Island has just what you need.  This refuge is just the place for the burned out, the broken, and the weary.  I am researching the possibility of establishing a non-profit organization with a fund for people who could never afford to come on their own.  If you know of any good possibilities for donors, please point them in my direction.  I will have an application process for those interested in participating.  I am particularly interested in offering this potential program to those serving in Christian ministry.

So, whether you are a person seeking an awesome vacation or a person who needs a place to recoup, remember that Whale Island Cabins has something for you.


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Summer May Be Over, but the Beauty of Whale Island Still Welcomes You

I (Kat) left the island on July 15 after 55 amazing days.  In the two weeks my husband was also there, on leave from work, we managed to install ceilings, paneling, and driftwood rails to the Eagle’s Nest Cabin.  My son Cade and I spent the rest of the summer building cabinets, painting copper ceiling tiles, making curtains, and fashioning  decorative trim around and in all the windows of the cabin.  Sadly, the flooring did not arrive in time for us to finish the cabin.

This summer, a charter boat captain from a neighboring island came and picked up Mike and Kelly and took them out on a fishing trip.  They caught 2 huge kings and 4 halibut.  What a great trip!  Another set of guests, Adrian and Kristie, took our kayaks out and went around the entire island!  I think they wished they had done a little tide research first, but they really enjoyed their trip.

Our new 23 foot Hewescraft Sea Runner is a great addition to the island and opens up many possibilities for us.  I had to do a Forrest Gump “Shrimpboat Captain” pose… LOL!

The Sea Otter and Whale Island Cabins are still available to rent.  However, I will not be able to help in finding transportation to the island.  Please contact Sea Hawk or Island Air to inquire about their rates as they can fly into the cove.  There are also options for boating to the cove, but it can be more expensive than flying.  You may call, email, or message me on Facebook for more information, but my Feedback form on this site doesn’t send me notifications.

Whale Island Cabins is the refuge you have been looking for.


I Miss the Island!!


I made this picture my screen saver on my computer.  I imagine sitting in this lawn chair, drinking my coffee, and listening to the loons in the morning.  I miss the sound of the waves and the absence of mechanical sounds.  I miss the seclusion.  This place is so magical that you won’t only come here once.  I discovered it for the first time in June and I think about it every day.  Consider how you can make your Alaskan get-away dreams into a reality and reserve your cabin now.