Posting from the Island!

For years we have used Verizon on the island; the only cell phone provider who could get a signal out here. However, earlier this year Verizon stopped working. Everyone in the area has started using Starlink, so we jumped on the bandwagon. Thus, I am online at the cabins! Never fear, if being unconnected is what you crave, your wish is granted. I am taking it with me when I leave. However, I can give you information about where to rent a SAT phone for your trip out here.

If your travel dates are flexible, look at the tide charts for Marmot Bay/Kodiak. Look for green negative numbers for the low tides. Those are some fun days to be here. The cove empties, the sand comes out and the sea stars are abundant. Look at our FaceBook page for Whale Island Cabin to see how my summer is going and then come see me!

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