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Winter Solace

This photo of my husband and son was taken last March at the lake on the back of the property.  While the weather getting to the island can be pretty dicey during the winter, peace reigns once there.

I’m sitting in my classroom relaxing for a few minutes during my lunch (1/2)  hour and I got a booking inquiry from AirBnB; someone in Kodiak is interested in an anniversary getaway.  This time of year the weather is cool (40s), but the wood-stove will keep you toasty warm.  A secluded island, long walks on the beach, wood-stove, oil lamps… How romantic is that!  Doesn’t that sound awesome?  It sure does to me.  I miss the peace and quiet there.

A Place of Refuge

Last fall a guest went to the island with friends to hunt.  This summer we had a young couple come out to the island for an extended weekend.  They were outdoorsy people who spent their time fishing or kayaking.  We had another couple come out for a week who spent their time fishing, hiking and beachcombing.  When I wasn’t working on the cabins, I wrote, read both novels and the Bible, listened to music, and did lots of praying.

Whale Island has just what you need.  This refuge is just the place for the burned out, the broken, and the weary.  I am researching the possibility of establishing a non-profit organization with a fund for people who could never afford to come on their own.  If you know of any good possibilities for donors, please point them in my direction.  I will have an application process for those interested in participating.  I am particularly interested in offering this potential program to those serving in Christian ministry.

So, whether you are a person seeking an awesome vacation or a person who needs a place to recoup, remember that Whale Island Cabins has something for you.


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I Miss the Island!!


I made this picture my screen saver on my computer.  I imagine sitting in this lawn chair, drinking my coffee, and listening to the loons in the morning.  I miss the sound of the waves and the absence of mechanical sounds.  I miss the seclusion.  This place is so magical that you won’t only come here once.  I discovered it for the first time in June and I think about it every day.  Consider how you can make your Alaskan get-away dreams into a reality and reserve your cabin now.

Whale Island is Perfect!!


We just got back from our first trip to Whale Island.  You see, we bought it sight unseen.  It did not disappoint.  As a matter of fact, I cannot think of any ways in which it could be more perfect.  The emerald green of the mossy forest is so peaceful to the eyes. The blue ocean waves, the loons,  and the eagles serenaded me as I sat with my coffee.  The whole place is therapeutic in ways I didn’t know existed.

I added pictures to the Gallery.  You can see that the Whale Cabin is largely undecorated, but fully equipped and ready to rent.  I am having a hard time learning to run this website, so I have not added an availability calendar.  Please contact me if you have those kinds of questions.  You can visit our Facebook page and message me there as well.

The construction on the Sea Otter is coming along nicely.  All I need to do is paint and put a ceiling in and it will be ready to rent.  It will probably be late July before we finish the Eagles Nest.