How do I get to Whale Island?

Hi!  Whale Island is in the perfect place to offer seclusion, but at a minimal cost and with little hassle.

Start with an airline ticket with Alaska Air or Rav’n Air to Kodiak City, Kodiak, AK;  you will come through Anchorage, AK.  You may want to use vrbo.com to book a B&B in Kodiak for a night coming or going, because you will want to rent a car and drive the 45-mile road system.  The scenery is amazing.  My husband and I compared the views to a combination of Hawaii, Scotland, and Alaska.

Contact my husband or myself to discuss options for getting from Kodiak City to Whale Island.  Leave a message on the island phone during the summer months; I will be on the island and checking the messages  daily.  During the school year, call our cells (I can’t check my phone on the island).

Whale Island Cabins – 907-987-4982

Kat 443-643-6365

Don 443-567-8900

Pasagshak, Kodiak, AK
Pasagshak, Kodiak, AK

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