I apologize! I have been working on a master’s in Online Innovation and Design for the past two years and have had little time to update this website! I do have new photos and videos to share! Our facebook page is completely current, so please check out Whale Island Cabins there.

I was only on the island for 2 weeks this summer [COVID killed our bookings], but we took some fun new videos! I filmed the utility shed, to show how to find all the supplies you need when on the island alone. I also filmed the generator shed, so you could see how to start it. And, I filmed the wonderful Eagle’s Nest Cabin (treehouse). We also built a temporary shower (until we finish our bathhouse and sauna in 2022). Check out our YouTube channel for other fun videos. The video below was an ebook I made for one of my classes. Too bad it is so rushed and you can’t click on the links. LOL. All of the videos in the story are on our YouTube channel.

Here is the video about the Eagle’s Nest Cabin.